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Saturday, February 23, 2008


Yep, this is it, Saturday night dinner by a 9 year old. I know what you're thinking, ice cream, chocolate and designer water? Well, the story is we had a late lunch and the water, well, the bottle is filled with tap water and has been used a billion times as it fits perfectly in the door of our refridgerator (European fridges are small, you know).

Been also busy at work on a secret project as well as filling my time with some "normal" collage work. Started making these 3D shadowboxes and seem to be somewhat obsessed. Hard to see the 3D effect in the piece above, but don't really know how to capture a proper picture of it. Anyway, although the image is a bit "sweet" for my taste, the little girl HAD to be in my first attempt. I will be making more, stay tuned!

And some more 4" "sweet" pieces for your Saturday viewing, all available here.

And last but not least, the lovely Sarah was kind enough to give me a very special recognition..

Although I check all of the blogs under my links section frequently, here are a few that I check often because they continue to inspire. Have a look!

Angela Cartwright

Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Corey Moortgat

Hanne Matthiesen

Jennifer Black

Port 2 Port

Lena Corwin


Blogger jblack designs said...

Thank you, Erika!

I wonder why my banner doesn't show up, though. Bummer. I'll have to track that down.

Also, you were the winner of the "what's this?" contest, so head on over to my etsy store, pick a goodie, and email me your new address.



11:33 PM  
Blogger bridgette said...

Thanks Erika~ I love seeing your posts come up on my bloglines too.

Sorry that my blog post caused you pain! :( But I understand what you're saying. I really do have access to all sorts of happenings around here. For the longest time though I struggled through learning it all myself as I didn't have extra $ for classes/workshops. I do enjoy the workshops for the interaction that it offers. But there is also something worthwhile in going through the struggle yourself. The solutions you can come up...like bringing like minded creative souls together in Norway!

Can't wait to meet up with you later this year!

5:39 PM  
Blogger A bird in the hand said...

Your water bottle caught my eye. I have one (Voss water is available in Canada) and I keep flowers in it.

Your sweet collages are sweet!

12:50 AM  

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