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Sunday, February 03, 2008


6" square collage on canvas
Yes! I am working! Slowly but surely getting back into the groove of things. Listed some paper goods on etsy and the above piece on ebay. Still not sure which site I prefer, so am trying to make a point of spreading my work between the two.
Hubby finally returned home from a 10 day business trip to India. I have a secret love for Bollywood films and have now been blessed with 6 new movies! whoo hoo!
On another note...

Added some new scrap packs and gocco cards to my etsy site.

Feeling good about my productivity this week. Finished some promised work and managed to squeeze in a few small things to list this week. The days still seem to fly by, but I am slowly getting in to a routine. Now, to organize my thoughts somehow!

have a great week.


Blogger Corey Moortgat said...

Beautiful-love this piece Erika! Glad to hear you're getting back into the groove of things-it's got to be hard though, I know!

8:18 PM  

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