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Monday, January 28, 2008

my chaotic mind

"That Smile"
6" square canvas
(7 1/2" with frame)

Finding that I am having a hard time concentrating these days. I am sure it has to do with having a half finished house and a husband half way across the world in India that has my mind occupied. I had such big plans while he was away for 10 days but find that I only manage to pick up clothes, tidy up a bit and make dinner. I do, however, deserve a small pat on the back for getting to the gym a couple times!

I have started a few larger pieces, none of which I can figure out what to do to next. The piece above is one of these "filler pieces", something worked on while the other larger works are drying. I have so many small canvases laying around and will try and list these either on etsy or ebay during the week.

I will post the above piece this evening on ebay. More later...


Blogger sf said...

The same thing happens to me - I always feel grateful for the few things I DO get done.
Like these subtle canvases very much!

5:54 AM  

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