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Thursday, February 07, 2008

where do i start?

Seem a bit disorganized and out of sorts these days. My house is still under construction as we are living amongst dust and sheetrock. I deliver Noah to daycare in the morning with the intention to get home and focus on working on some new pieces. Uff da, this is harder than you think! You know how you feel when you have to get to sleep because you have something going on early the next morning and you lay in bed telling yourself to get to sleep to no avail? Uh huh, that is exactly what is happening as soon as I sit down at my table. nothing.

Oh well, this is my birthday weekend not to mention Mother's Day here in Norway on Sunday. Figure I should milk it for all its worth!

Finally, thanks Dad, appreciate any political humor these days amonst this chaotic election. Here's a laugh as you start your weekend...
"Remembering the Clintons"


Blogger sf said...

Happy Birthday, Baby!
The 6th was my MIL's (I'm missing the big party in NM - had to stay home to write you know what!!!).
The 7th my neighbor Niamh's, the 8th Silver's girl Heather's and the 10th Silver's!
I get your malaise with the discombobulation. I know you know my house tends to clutter, but it tends to NEAT and TIDY clutter - and when it's not, who can concentrate?
By the way, I felt you should have BOUGHT the ODD MOLLY. Sent the boys over to the neighbor's with their empty bowls!
You can tell what a horrid selfish mumma and grand I am!!!

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you! That's an entertaining picture of the Clintons. Love Mrs. Bush's gorgeous coat!

3:03 PM  

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