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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

three, the magic number

Yes, week three of detox is here (actually, it was yesterday). I tell you, I have had it of tasteless gruel and decided to detox 80% of the time for the next two weeks which means still no milk products or wheat, but I can slip in my coffee and maybe a glass of wine in the evenings as well as have a piece of lean meat or fish for dinner. Funny, after two weeks of no dairy, I swear I can SMELL the milk in things! I licked off a spoon which had the baby's remaining yoghurt on it and almost gagged not to mention the SMALL chocolate piece I ate(oops, you got me...)and couldn't get the taste of sour milk out of my mouth for 30 minutes. uff da. I really hope it gets me off chocolate.

Anyway, these weeks have proven productive and I have not only added my "bird people" on ebay, but also a couple of other pieces I have had laying around taking up space. Click on an image to take you there... you can see that I have had "three" on my mind.


Blogger tiffinix said...

Wow. . .I am floored blogger is letting me comment! I tried yesterday and this morning. . .not having it.
You are the best - thank you - thank you for the wonderful surprise!! I will email you and post a thank you in my next post. I love everything so much!!
I am so glad you put the birds up I wondered what happen to them. I was going to ask you if they were for sale and here they are. Although, it is odd that the girl who has the bid on one of your pieces. Well she has bid against herself three times! I suppose she felt she was not paying enough to start with. Of course she is right they will all end high because they are gorgeous pieces. However, what an odd thing to do!! Anyway - I hope to win one of them and thank you for the sweet package! I am going to get busy with it all today. . .

9:14 PM  
Blogger Erika Tysse said...

so happy you liked your surprise! Have fun with all of it! I want to see what comes out of it!

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Hanne said...

Great blog - and really interesting pictures! I have been watching your website too - also great! The only problem: it cuts off the connexion every time I try to enter the section "about me". Am I the only one who complains about that problem??

9:18 AM  
Blogger lydia said...

Oh you are SO inspiring me with your bird head!!!

6:22 PM  
Blogger katie said...

your work is beautiful!! i wish you well on your detox, I'm working up the courage to begin mine - I know I'd get a coffee headache even though I drink only 2 cups a day, and they are 75% decaf!

4:48 AM  
Blogger claudia said...

Erika I don't think anything "gets" you off chocolate...!!!!! Besides I just read something that said it was good for you...thank God.

10:53 PM  
Blogger bobbione8y said...

hi erika,

decided to check and see what you had on ebay, saw the "blog"

just wanted to say hi and thanks for the painting!! i got it a couple weeks ago, then went on vacation. i find myself sitting there staring at it alot, um, that's a good sign.

your collages are inspiring me for the latest design job i am working on, i'll send a pic if it turns out decently :))

anyway, thank you so much for the painting,
it is truly perfect !!!

bobbi in sioux falls

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:31 AM  

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