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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Time goes so quickly, especially when your baby turns one! We spent his day at the aquarium where he became infatuated with the seals. I was so happy that I got at least one decent picture of him standing still!

Been a slow go, getting my work out the door. Probably because there have been so many other tasks during my day. Yesterday was the 17th of May (Norwegian National Day) which meant a day of parades, children's activities and dinner with friends. Always fun, but tiring!

Been desperate to get painting but with my hubby leaving for the week and my Mom making the trip back to the US, I will be back at home, struggling to find time to work. Gosh, maybe a good game of croquet would do me good about now...


Blogger tiffinix said...

How flippin' adorable are your kids!? Wow. . .I love their little ties!
I hope you find some time to work on your art this next week. XoxO

8:34 PM  

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