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Sunday, May 14, 2006

I am NOT a sore loser

Croquet. What a stupid game. Everything about it is stupid. Who in the world would come up with something so absurd as playing with a wooden mallet, hitting a frigin' stupid wooden ball through a small square target aiming for what? A couple more at the end? Oh, oh and let's make it even more exciting, let's add a pole at the end of the course that you have to hit before declaring that you are the winner.

So why, why do I ask you, why did I invest 99 kroner (approx. $15) in a cheap set for the kids to play with in the yard? Surprisingly they are quite in to it. Countless times I have found a gang of 4 boys out there playing a quite civilized game. Yes, I have been known to play a few rounds with the kids, enjoying a small victory here and there but it wasn't until I got my husband out there for a few rounds with a small wager at stake ( the laundry), that I felt like I really needed to show my skills. I figured he would give me a run for my money but little did I know that he was actually quite good at contemplating the small wickets and after 7 games, I finally through in the towel, madder than a hornet that I couldn't quite beat him. Why is it that I am counting the hours for him to return from work so I can put my pride on the line once again for a silly game in the yard? All I have to say is, I better win or else.


Blogger Tatterededge said...

LOL! I played that game obsessively with my cousins as a child. We loved it! (The only thing dumber is bocci!)

3:20 PM  
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