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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tag! I'm IT!

Awww, how sweet, the lovely Tiffini X has tagged me so heck, why not, I'm game:

5 minutes to myself: Wow, that doesn't happen often but, on the off chance it did, I would put on a really good song and play it as loud as possible. Probably something by Dave Mathews or Jack Johnson.

5 bucks to spend now, on what? Assuming this is dollars and not kroner, and assuming that I was in the states, I would probably go to Starbucks for a Chai latte and a pastry. Is $5 enough for that???

5 items in your house that you could part with right now that you haven't thought of already? 3 stovetop espresso makers, TV in living room (not the one in my bedroom though), a huge drafting table in my studio that I thought would be practical but now just takes up a lot of room, two closets full of bed linens that are never used because they are American sizes and not European ones, and finally, a big basket not to mention several shelves full of magazines some almost 10 years old!

5 items in your house that you could absolutely never part with? my computer, stereo, scissors, tempur pillow, and my family.

5 words that you love? coffee, baby, serendipity, amazing, lovely

anyone else what to be tagged? Linda, Amber, Kelly - you!


Blogger tiffinix said...

Oh wow I am lovely - you made my night!
Lol - I will pick up the tab for any more you owe so you can get a latte and a pastry.
Three stovetop espresso makers! Now I know why I adore you.
Good to know about a drafting table. I was thinking about getting one for my studio. But I wondered if it would just make everything feel to crowded.
Tempur pillow - I will have to google that. . .
Lovely list and what a great picture for it!

8:09 AM  

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