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Sunday, May 28, 2006

new art and detox week 2

Well, wouldn't you believe that even though I have made it to week two of my detox, I was inspired enough to create some art! Amazing! Actually, I feel quite good which is a miracle in itself as I thought I would surely keel over from a major sugar withdrawl. I must say, I am pretty darn tired of celery and hummous, oatmeal and fruit (no sugar might I add) and herbal tea. Looking at my watch, it looks like it is time for my snack - num num, an apple. My original plan was to detox for 14 days but I am actually feeling pretty good I just might continue until we go on vacation the 17th. That means that I will have detoxed for 25 days! Whoo hoo!

Anyway, thought I would share one of a few collages I worked on this weekend. This one is for sale, have a look if yer interested! Happy week to all!

I want to see more! Take me to ebay!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Detox and non-productivity

I decided to finally do it. After months of contemplating, I have decided to detox, right in time for summer. Now, as I write this half asleep after two afternoon naps, am wondering why. Not only am I completely fatigued but I am also experiencing desperate caffeine withdrawl. The caffeine part really surprises me as I only have 1-2 cups a day and I don't drink other caffeine beverages. From what I can tell, 14 days should be enough to cleanse my body of its impurties and get me on track. Gosh I hope so! I have been having a problem with my intestial track (not going into detail here but you get the idea) which has resulted in extreme back and abdominal pain. If my body doesn't get better after depriving it of caffeine, sugar and all dairy products, I will throw in the towel and learn to live with my condition. Our vacation starts in just over 3 weeks - I see a light at the end of the tunnel!
Of course, the absolute worst part of all is that my studio has sat without any visitors for quite some time and even though I am desperate to get back in there again, my body isn't letting me. I walk in, take a brief look around, move some papers about, and then shut the door returning only to close a window or gather dirty coffee cups. They say week two should bring more energy, smooth skin, silky hair not to mention a few less pounds. Gosh, I hope this is worth it!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Time goes so quickly, especially when your baby turns one! We spent his day at the aquarium where he became infatuated with the seals. I was so happy that I got at least one decent picture of him standing still!

Been a slow go, getting my work out the door. Probably because there have been so many other tasks during my day. Yesterday was the 17th of May (Norwegian National Day) which meant a day of parades, children's activities and dinner with friends. Always fun, but tiring!

Been desperate to get painting but with my hubby leaving for the week and my Mom making the trip back to the US, I will be back at home, struggling to find time to work. Gosh, maybe a good game of croquet would do me good about now...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I am NOT a sore loser

Croquet. What a stupid game. Everything about it is stupid. Who in the world would come up with something so absurd as playing with a wooden mallet, hitting a frigin' stupid wooden ball through a small square target aiming for what? A couple more at the end? Oh, oh and let's make it even more exciting, let's add a pole at the end of the course that you have to hit before declaring that you are the winner.

So why, why do I ask you, why did I invest 99 kroner (approx. $15) in a cheap set for the kids to play with in the yard? Surprisingly they are quite in to it. Countless times I have found a gang of 4 boys out there playing a quite civilized game. Yes, I have been known to play a few rounds with the kids, enjoying a small victory here and there but it wasn't until I got my husband out there for a few rounds with a small wager at stake ( the laundry), that I felt like I really needed to show my skills. I figured he would give me a run for my money but little did I know that he was actually quite good at contemplating the small wickets and after 7 games, I finally through in the towel, madder than a hornet that I couldn't quite beat him. Why is it that I am counting the hours for him to return from work so I can put my pride on the line once again for a silly game in the yard? All I have to say is, I better win or else.

Monday, May 08, 2006

more art on ebay...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

on ebay...

"I'll Wait"

9 1/2" x 11 3/4"
(30 x 40 cm)

mixed media on gallery canvas

see auction listing for detail
of image

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tag! I'm IT!

Awww, how sweet, the lovely Tiffini X has tagged me so heck, why not, I'm game:

5 minutes to myself: Wow, that doesn't happen often but, on the off chance it did, I would put on a really good song and play it as loud as possible. Probably something by Dave Mathews or Jack Johnson.

5 bucks to spend now, on what? Assuming this is dollars and not kroner, and assuming that I was in the states, I would probably go to Starbucks for a Chai latte and a pastry. Is $5 enough for that???

5 items in your house that you could part with right now that you haven't thought of already? 3 stovetop espresso makers, TV in living room (not the one in my bedroom though), a huge drafting table in my studio that I thought would be practical but now just takes up a lot of room, two closets full of bed linens that are never used because they are American sizes and not European ones, and finally, a big basket not to mention several shelves full of magazines some almost 10 years old!

5 items in your house that you could absolutely never part with? my computer, stereo, scissors, tempur pillow, and my family.

5 words that you love? coffee, baby, serendipity, amazing, lovely

anyone else what to be tagged? Linda, Amber, Kelly - you!