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Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 17th

Yes, it is once again May 17th and that can only mean one thing, Norway´s Constitution Day (thanks!) and also the biggest day of the year. Being the person that I am, I do tend to do my fair share of complaining. I know, some of you are probably surprised... i like to feel a bit sorry for myself at times, living in a small country, feeling like I am sometimes in the middle of nowhere...but, on days like this, I can honestly say that I am contented here and with each year that passes, I feel like I belong here more and more. Happy Day, Norway!

Monday, May 11, 2009

i love Copenhagen

So nice that they knew i was coming...
Actually, these steel plates are all over the city, not sure what they actually stand for.  I like to think that out of all 29 letters (yes, 29), that they just randomly picked these two.  :)

I feel fortunate to have lived and travelled all over the world and have seen  a lot.  Some places tend to "stick" more than most, and Copenhagen is one of those places.  So full of life, culture and inspiration.  Even though I have been here countless times, I never get tired of it and can´t wait until my next visit.  Fortunately for me, my wonderful SIL lives here, so taking an hour flight down and staying with her, makes for a lovely weekend.  I will be returning again in 6 weeks time, this time for a work do.  Can´t wait!

Thought I would share some imagery from my weekend.
stay tuned, I have a brand new pair of beautiful purple shoes to share in my next post...

Ellen, my SIL

just as many bikes as cars.  i like.