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Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

" Swallows"
4" square
currently listed on ebay

For those of you that follow my life on Facebook, you already know that I decided to get a part time job. This was mainly because I was starving for a life outside of my home. I know, i am spoiled rotten, being able to have the choice whether to work or not. I do currently have my teaching gigs as well as time to make and list art to sell, but I must admit, it was not enough for me. I am very happy where I am now.

It started like this really...

I happened to be running errands downtown when I stumbled across a sign in the window of one of my favorite stores. I came home to discuss it with Paul as well as the boys. What a positive response! No, it wasn't a "yippee, can't wait to get you out of here", but more like a "terrific, sounds fun for you!". I went back wrote down the number and called the owner. The next morning I talked to her for a couple of hours and was given the job and a schedule, starting already the next day! Wow! things are really not known to happen that fast here in Norway! Anyway, I started yesterday, loved it, and look forward to going in tomorrow! It seems to be very flexible as well as a fantastic atmosphere. Of course, the best part, is that I work only when the boys are in school/preschool and occasionally a night til 7pm. The clothes are my favorite so I figure I need to keep painting to pay for art supplies as I plan on using my pay for the clothes! See their latest collection here... http://www.noanoa.com/

I also have made some more blocks. Here is the latest one, listed on ebay.

Wishing you all a fantastic holiday! Wish I was there!

Monday, November 24, 2008

tiny leaves - finished!

Remember the tiny leaves? Here is what I came up with about 435 hours later. :) This piece ended up rather large, about 20" x 24". I posted it on my website a couple of days ago and it sold shortly after so apparently my hard work paid off.

here is a detail...

In other news and for those of you not on my facebook, it has snowed quite a bit here and added a lot of joy to our family. Always nice to see some pictures of our surroundings, so added a few here.

Have some art to share, but will do that in the next post. have a good week!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

something new

I had a class a couple of weeks ago where we collaged and waxed these wooden blocks. My husband cut out some larger one for us to work on as well and voila! I have made my own equiped with some small wooden legs. I think that the general consensus on these were that they are fun to work and that it was relatively simple to obtain a satisifying result. I also thought that these little guys would be the perfect Xmas gift. hint hint.
And finally, some snaps from a Sunday afternoon in the park. It is always the same, the kids don't want to go out, but once they get out the door, we have a blast. As you can see, we all had fun at the playground. Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a little to share

I know that I said that I was done working small, but these little guys continue to accumulate. I think I tend to go back to the small pieces because I feel that I can create something quickly or use them in a way that jump starts my creativity. I do have larger pieces on my etsy site but prefer to list the smaller ones on ebay. Not sure why.
Anyway, this is just a quick post as I need to get upstairs and finish painting the floor in my son's bedroom so he can move in this weekend. Will be so nice to have that done for good. Next up, the kitchen fan, then the hallway closet and then finish up the husbands TV room. Will be so nice to have things finished. Look for some before and after shots soon!

These piece are currently on ebay.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

etsy listings

Having a great time teaching classes these past weeks but see that my listings are lacking. Therefore, I decided to use much of my Saturday to post some stuff, check my facebook and update the blog. Although I have been working a bit larger than usual these past weeks, I find that my favorite size is about 8" x 10". The pieces shown here are currently listed in my etsy shop. Will share some more fun stuff soon.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

do it