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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

in the studio...

I have spent almost 3 days working on a small portfolio made specifically to hand out to potential clients. My idea was to make these as economical as possible but with a personal touch, therefore, I have decided to handbind them. They are small, just about 4 x 6" but I like the format and feel like it presents my work well. I am going out tomorrow to start delivering. Nervous? Yes! But, I have to be grown up about this! I am ready and have to spend the rest of my day convincing myself of that.

After being away from my tiny studio for the past months, I was ready to finish up pieces I have had laying around. I have now told myself that I will not start a new canvas until all (or most of them, there are a lot!) are finished. I did get a larger piece (above) finished as well as some little guys. I like to do these little 4" canvases as they are quick to do and I am able to utilize my scrap. Plan on listing some things both on ebay and etsy tonight. Follow the links below if yer interested.

I am finished with the "H" gocco cards and will add them to etsy shortly.

To see other works for sale you can go to ebay or etsy.


Blogger Lisa said...

glad you made it home safe.
you have such a nice space to work in!
love that little bird!

and - just FYI -
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6:50 PM  
Blogger ac said...

You've been tagged with the Brillante Award, because I love your blog and art...check it out here

4:00 AM  

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