availspace Available Space: March 2008

Monday, March 31, 2008

happy spring

This was how it looked on Easter Sunday. We have waited all winter for snow to fall and finally received everything pretty much on the first day of Spring! I love the snow and I love winter but once the days start getting lighter and my tulips start popping up, I am ready for some sun! I am sure most of you assume that it is like this all winter being that I live in Norway but honestly, we have very mild temperatures here and it is seldom that we have snow laying for many days. However, the kids were thrilled and I was happy having them outside.

In other news, still working on these large paintings and am having a blast. Usually I feel fairly pressured when working large as well as for someone else but for some reason, this time, I am enjoying the larger surface and am learning a lot as I go! I have made some progress since this was taken, but at least you get the idea of size.

For those of you that have been wanting to take the leap at painting on larger surfaces, I say go for it! You will feel liberated!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

blue skies

What a fantastic weekend! We drove to Oslo on Friday and spent a fantabulous weekend there doing the tourist thing. I lived in Oslo about 16 years ago when I went to the university there, and although I had visited the parks and museums back then, there is something about going back when you're older. How wonderful that you appreciate things so much more! The above photo is taken at Vigelandsparken. If you ever visit Oslo, this is a must! Will show you more photos from the weekend later, but for now, leaving your with a little welcome Spring framed piece soon to be listed on ebay. happy week!

Monday, March 10, 2008

lots of work!

Time seems to be going so fast these days. Have a large job to work on that will probably take up my March and April and perhaps a bit of May. This job is a challenging one, but one I am looking very forward to tackling. I am back to my art school days, making stretcher bars and stretching canvases. The size of these are large and a bit daunting, but I am up for the challenge! The size? Two pieces, each measuring 90 cm x 150 cm or 3' x 5'! Right now my hands are sore from stretching canvas. Will send some photos as the work progresses.

On top of this, I am finished up some projects for some up and coming publications as well as keeping my shops up to date with some new schtuff. More later when my hands aren't so sore!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

busy, busy

Have a few large projects going that will be taking a lot of my time. Will still try and post thing periodically but need to focus on these projects until their completion, hopefully by May. Here are a few small guys now on ebay. Nice to have something little to work on in between working on the big ones.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

new gocco cards

The weather here in Stavanger has been so horrible for so long, that I wake up in the morning assuming that I will be spending hours in the studio instead of enjoying a long walk in the sun. Today I printed some gocco cards and stickers as well as worked on a couple of larger collages.

Tomorrow is hubby's birthday so we decided to venture out and take a little drive. Not sure where, but we figure we will drive south until we see a patch of blue sky. keep your fingers crossed.