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Monday, March 31, 2008

happy spring

This was how it looked on Easter Sunday. We have waited all winter for snow to fall and finally received everything pretty much on the first day of Spring! I love the snow and I love winter but once the days start getting lighter and my tulips start popping up, I am ready for some sun! I am sure most of you assume that it is like this all winter being that I live in Norway but honestly, we have very mild temperatures here and it is seldom that we have snow laying for many days. However, the kids were thrilled and I was happy having them outside.

In other news, still working on these large paintings and am having a blast. Usually I feel fairly pressured when working large as well as for someone else but for some reason, this time, I am enjoying the larger surface and am learning a lot as I go! I have made some progress since this was taken, but at least you get the idea of size.

For those of you that have been wanting to take the leap at painting on larger surfaces, I say go for it! You will feel liberated!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny you should be mentioning this right now. i have ALWAYS wanted to go bigger (my framed collages are very small) and have been so intimidated to do so. i'm not sure why. it would make the piece "more important"??...i don't know. but i have a chance to do something larger for an abstract show, and i'm just gonna jump and DO IT!! thanks for the noodge in the right direction. the direction of my dreams!! oxxo

4:47 AM  
Blogger JuliaRose said...

Hi Erika,
I view your blog quite regularly, as I just loove your colours and the lightness of your work...a fan,
so cant wait to see this bigger piece, will you be showing us?.
Makes me think about working igger, it might actuiallu be easier for me?...

2:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, i certainly am glad it's spring because that means that it is closer to summer and that means it's is closer to when i get to see my favorite bit of family again (don't tell anyone i said that). I'm contemplating what to do for my birthday this year. i was thinking of going to see an IMAX movie like last year and taking you guys with me. i'm sure the boys would love that and you'd probably enjoy it too. Tell Noah that i don't have a cell phone or long distance and was unable to call him on his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!! Hope he heard that... Well, maybe i'll find time in my horrendous schedule to send a longer email sometime and fill you in on all that has been going on.

--See ya soon!


2:48 AM  

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