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Monday, October 30, 2006

My new baby and goodbye to an old friend

Ah ha! That got your attention, didn't it? Last week, we were overjoyed to welcome the newest addition to the Tysse family, our brand new laptop. 17 inches of pure widescreen, crystal clear enjoyment. I feel like I gained a couple of extra hours to my day! It is so fast and so efficient! And the best part, the battery lasts for more than 5 minutes! Ok, so I am having to get used to this darn Norwegian keyboard with its extra 3 letters not to mention all the other little doodads that are moved about.

I am feeling a bit sentimental saying goodbye to my old trusty pal, my Dell 2650, who has been nothing but good to me the past 3 years. I will still keep it around as it will take ages to get everything off it that I want, but it won't be in full operation anymore. The screen is barely hanging on after being dropped a couple of times and many of the keys don't work properly after years of medium and paint being spilt on it. It has been nothing but a pure joy to work on and I say, happy trails my good friend.

In other news, the items for the Christmas fair are in the works and I did make some of the microscope slide ornaments that everyone and their brother makes. I really don't enjoy the soldering thing, but they are always a bit hit here as they are still new and exciting to the Norwegians. Here is how I will display them. I love these red tree branches!

I will also have some jewelry with the brass charm pendants like this:

I will also have the standard 4" framed canvases and cards. Oh, and if any of you are in the area, here is the info...

See you there ?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

tagged by Sarah

Just in case you were interested...

taken a picture completely naked? no

danced in front of a mirror naked? no

told a lie? oh, probably only once or twice...

had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? yes

been arrested? no

seen someone die? no

kissed a picture? don't think so!

slept in until 5pm? no

sex at work? no

fallen asleep at work? oh man, yes, I have done that!

held a snake? no way! I would probably die of shock! I HATE snakes!

ran a red light? yes, but not intentionally

been suspended from school? no

pole danced? heck no! ewwwwww

fired from a job? never

sang karaoke? don't have the guts for that but I think I would like too!

done something you told yourself you wouldn't? yes

laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? yes

laughed until you peed? just a little bit

caught a snowflake on your tongue? many

kissed in the rain? lots!

sang in the shower? pretty much every day!

gave your private parts a nickname? what?? do people really do that?

ever gone to work without underwear? no

sat on a rooftop? yes

played chicken? yes

broken a bone? my left wrist

flashed someone? no

mooned someone? no

skinny dipped? yes

shaved your head? no

slept naked? yes

blacked out from drinking? no

played a prank on someone? yes but can't remember what it was

had a gym membership? yes, have one now

felt like killing someone? no

truly hated someone? no

smacking someone in the face? oh if you only knew

cried over someone you were in love with? yes

had mexican jumping beans as pets? nope

been in a band? no, but that would be sooo cool!

shot a gun? no

shot a bow and arrow? tried

played strip poker? no

ever jump out of an airplane? would love to!

been to more than 10 countries? yes, I think 22

Are YOU reading this? I tag you!

Monday, October 16, 2006


Last week was autumn break here in Norway and we ventured out the latter part of the week and spent a fantastic weekend at a cabin in the mountains. We harvested blueberries and had delicious blueberry pancakes for dinner. There were many bonfires to be had as well and I used my American heritage to teach my very Norwegian kids how to make smores. I do my fair share of complaining about living in this small country but when I can pull over my car, jump out with an armload of food stuffs and proceed to roast marshmallows, I think, how can it get better than this!

Yesterday, Sunday, we headed home like many families after a mountain break and were met with traffic. Oh no, not THAT kind, but Goat Traffic! Remember, I live in NORWAY. This is quite normal you know!

And, I have gotten many of these small collages made for the sale next month. I love these little frames - it makes these 4" canvases look just a tad bit more finished. Have a good week!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Me and the King and other stuff

I don't usually like to post pictures of myself, something about having my face a mystery I guess, but if you had your picture taken with the king, wouldn't you post it?
In other news, some of you may know of Sofia Barao already. She is a fabulous French mixed media artist who not only has a website cataloging her work but also a new blog, In the Mood for Arte, which features a variety of artists worldwide. Sofia contacted me for an interview a while back and I was happy to oblige. Check out her sites for some great art. You won't be disappointed.

Here in the homefront, things are going as they should. It is now fall break which means that the kids are home. We will be going up to a cabin the latter part of the week for some fresh mountain air, some hiking and fishing. I plan to bring plenty of supplies with me as I have that Christmas fair coming up and my cards and ornaments won't get done on their own!

And, ta dah! The business was registered today! Yes, you are wondering about the name, aren't you? Well, I will announce that as soon as I get the logo finished! There were so many fantastic names to choose from, thanks to those of you that responded! Stay tuned...

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Been busy, busy and have had a hard time getting time to blog. Our visitors from the US left today and the house is quiet again. Now it is time to get busy on Christmas stuff already! I, along with a friend of mine, are having a little Christmas sale at the local hall where 8 crafters are getting together to sell our handmade stuff. This is the first year and we hope to draw a large crowd.

Also, I am working on finding vendors for my shop. My goal is to have products unique to Norway and I have already discovered some fabulous ones. If you know of one, would you mind dropping me a line? I have taken absolutely every suggestion seriously and have a long list of notes. Thanks!

Other than that, same old same. Thought a little picture of a mooning Mona from a wall downtown might make you smile! Happy Weekend!