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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Form vs. Function

We have two kinds of people living in this house, a conservative engineer and a liberal artist. When the times come around to pick out a new chair, we go through a process that could take up to a year.

The artist wants something with some character, a good design is a must and the price, well, not so important. Heck, I am even willing to forego comfort if the chair is fabulous!
The engineer wants something comfortable and affordable and the design? Well, not the least bit important. My biggest fear is a Frazier type situation... a duct taped chair in a living room full of designer furniture. Ok, so $3000 USD is a bit much especially with three kids under the age of 9. But a lazyboy? Just can't do it.
We can't seem to ever agree on what is best and after a year of complaints, threats and even some tears, a chair was chosen and bought - a compromise for the both of us. Gosh, I dread the day when we are going to need a new sofa!

The result is in...

Here it is. Not quite the designer chair I was hoping for and far from the recliner he was wanting. No cup holder or foot rest nor the soft leather. And we are calling this a compromise??


Blogger jblack designs said...

Funny! Believe it or not, I had this same battle with my daughter when she was young. She *desperately* wanted a rocking recliner. Ugh. I found one I could stomach, and she curled up in it for years, and when she went to college, I moved it to her room. Out of sight ... you know. Now she doesn't like it any more, so I got rid of it. Yippee!

Love your new chair!


2:24 PM  
Blogger nuje said...

Our chairs were replaced early December. If you're sitting down in our house then you must be in the garage. :)

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Linda Woods said...

Ah, the joy of marriage =)
Your new chair is not bad at all. I think you won the arguement but to rub it in, you should've gotten red! My husband and I have the same problem. We haven't gotten a new sofa yet because we couldn't agree. We do, however, have a nice selection of slipcovers.

5:27 AM  
Blogger Kivett-Studio said...

Luckily for me my husband just lets me buy whatever I want when it comes to furniture. Probably because he has no sense of style and could care less what it looks like....well...he does draw the line at flowery foo foo stuff.

Yes I think you did well in the compromise. And just think, once the kids are grown it will be time to buy another so you won't have to live with this one forever!


7:59 PM  

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