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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Housewife Vacation

That' right! Off to Stockholm for a weekend with some girlfriends. Do I need it? You bet! With a 10 month year old almost crawling, a 7 year old with the throw ups and a 9 year old with the hours of homework, I am ready for a weekend of shopping, dining and, did I mention, shopping? Because my job is "in the home", I make a point of going on these little weekend trips once a year, something that they call "husmorsferie" in Norwegian which translated means "housewife's vacation". Because I was pregnant last year, I missed my annual trip, but in the past years I have been lucky enough to enjoy the wonderful cities of Copenhagen, Aberdeen - Scotland and Bangkok ( I lived in Singapore at the time so it wasn't that far away).
I have always thought that the term "housewife" sounds so demeaning with a sort of non-importance - but for those of you that are home you know just how hard it is to balance daily life with a job and I have found that my art has suffered greatly since the arrival of my third child. I am not complaining however, as I feel lucky to be home and able to continue to work a little on the things I enjoy the most.
Need to use the day to pack. Of course I HAD to buy some new stuff to wear on my trip something which my husband ceases to understand as I had just gotten telling him that I was going to need A LOT of money for my trip because I plan on doing A LOT of shopping. I mean, come on, it's Stockholm!! Stavanger is fine enough, but nothing compares to Stockholm's shops not to mention fantastic design. Don't you worry, I will fill you in on all my discoveries...
Off to put on the ABBA cd, get some commissions in the mail and start to pack. Who hoo!
Mamma Mia!


Blogger tiffinix said...

I am so jealous! Have a fabulous time. (I wanted to leave you this a few days ago but blogger was having server errors!)

7:17 PM  

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