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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

when it rains, it pours

the observer
14cm x 18 cm
see it and others here

This is exactly how I feel these days, like an observer. Must came from age this, being so in tune with what goes on around me and constantly thinking, "is this really what I am supposed to be doing?". I am content, in a good place, but feel that maybe I should somehow take my talents to another level. Do I really want to get a full time job? Do I really want to work with others constantly without having my own freedoms? These are the questions that go around and around several times a day.

As many of you know, I have a part time job in a clothing store which I really enjoy. I have also been working on an internet shop for the store and feel obsessed with its workings. I take this website as a major achievement as when I started, the only thing I was familiar with was Frontpage 97! Anyway, will add a link in my next post so you can take a look. You folks outside of Scandinavia just might start drooling after seeing these fantastic clothes.

Anyway, off to the studio. Funny how things work sometimes - having plenty of time to create, (or to not create) and then all of a sudden things sell, commissions pop up and all this time you had yesterday is now a rush. I think I like it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blank Cards!

As I have mentioned before, trying to be good at updating the old blog. Added some blank cards to my etsy and epla stores. Like the idea of being able to get some mini art out there to the masses.

Also, the lovely Vibeke av duftenaverteblomster.blogspot.com featured my art. A fantastic blog for those that read a bit of "Scandinavian". Fantastic! Thanks!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

art for sale

new stuff on ebay, etsy and epla. Make it easy and just go take a look at my website. I am trying to be thorough and update my website as I list things. Lots of work, but I hope it is worth it in the end.

Friday, January 08, 2010

new website!

I have finally done it! I made the move from my 100 year old
Frontpage site to a new and improved site using freeware.
Still some small things to fix but, overall, quite happy with the
layout and feel. Plan to add more info and a menu tab for other things
but this is enough for now.

Some smart folks here in Norway have decided to do their own etsy thing.
Decided to create a little store and see how many visitors/sales arise from
it. Have a look! You might just score a fantastic handmade Scandinavian doodad!

h a p p y w e e k e n d !

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Welcome, 2010!

(click on the picture above to see a close up!)

I have never seen snow (or snow flakes) like this. It must only come when it is extremely cold. DH and I took a ski trip on new years eve and I was met with the most amazing site, a field of these little mini ice leaves. Took my breath away. I had only wished that there was a way I could of saved a few, tucked them in a little pocket and taken them with me home. Of course, Norwegian husbands response was, "Oh, haven't you seen that before?". yeah, right.

2009 proved to have been a challenging year and I have welcomed 2010 with open arms. I have started the year by packing up stuff and trying to minimize clutter in our home. Feels so liberating to have cleaned off tables and bare countertops. I have also promised to update my website (which I have and am almost ready to make live) and keep up with my blog. Cross your fingers!

We have had the most amazing winter...thought I would share :)