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Thursday, January 04, 2007

after a long absence

Happy new year! Time has once again gotten the best of me and I now feel behind with everything! I am home after 3 brief weeks in the US. It is amazing how fast time goes and my long list of things to accomplish while I was there seems to be in my bag with very few things crossed off. The biggest downer was not being able to have a lot of ME time but I did get to spend quality time with family, something I am thankful for.

In other news, I have decided to revamp my website and create a storefront for those customers who check my site often for available art. I will occasionally try and get something up on ebay and etsy just to keep those folks satisfied and keep my work fresh.

Many of you are on pins and needles when it comes to the shop. Things are moving slowly but surely and even though my "plan of attack" seems to be quite well thought out, finding a locale in town for a price I can afford seems out of reach. I am contemplating starting classes somewhere to get the word out but am lacking the motivation right now. Hopefully this new year will bring me much inspiration!

And finally, I was tagged by Stacie ages ago and thought I would end this post with a few interesting weird facts about me:

1. Like many folks, I am not crazy about talking on the phone! I would rather send 10 emails or 50 text messages then pick up the phone for a 5 minute conversation.

2. I prefer to go to the bathroom with the lights out. Thank goodness I am not a man.

3. I am a horrible saleswoman. I have to always give away something for free with a purchase or discount shipping or quote prices for my work that is at least 30% of what I had originally thought. It is a little bit of not feeling worthy and also that I feel art should be affordable for everyone to enjoy.

4. I dislike selling my work however, I DO like the satisfaction of making the sale. Having to create commissioned pieces and then having to present them to the customer for their "ok" is something I find a bit nervewracking and extremely uncomfortable.

5. I am a compulsive nail biter. I have tried to grow them out but with just a bit of nail, I go nuts and tear them off. I was once told that I had "artists hands". I interpretted this as "ugly".

Wish you all a fantastic New Year!


Anonymous Miz Carla said...

missed you like crazy!

squeezes your little blond (not weird) self :D


4:40 AM  

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