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Monday, February 08, 2010

the perfect place...

Been wondering about this a bit again. Feel quite fortunate to have a supportive network of family and friends when it has to do with my art and many endeavors. Still going back to the idea of a "real job" though, not sure why. I do enjoy my little part time job as well as managing the online store connected with it ( i have learned a lot from designing and maintaining that!) but miss the idea of having something challenging to do, together with real colleagues. I figure it can't hurt to throw out some CVs and see if I get any bites. My biggest fear is taking a job and hating it. Maybe I should just make a big cup of coffee and spend the day in the studio - that may cure it!


Blogger Katrine K said...

Det kan være ensomt å drive for seg selv...Men det har sine fordeler også. Selv drømmer jeg om å finne et arbeidsfelleskap med andre kunstnere, da kunne man tatt den kaffekoppen sammen med noen andre! Håper du finner ut av det. Websiden til Noa Noa er kjempefin, driver du den?

8:46 AM  

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