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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me (I mean us!)!

by Ingo Maurer

Dear husband,
This is the last year of my 30's and I am feeling a bit melancholy these days. Thinking that both of us are turning the same age, we might want to look into a TOGETHER gift. You remember last weekend when I was in Copenhagen? Well, I came across this interior design shop and found THE light that WE have been looking for for the living room. Here is a link to it.

Ok, so it is a bit pricey, a bit over the top, but it is so ME and it could really be so YOU as well.
I think we need this. I think We deserve it. Isn't it nice that I am willing to sacrifice an individual birthday gift for something that would benefit the both of us? I know, and you don't have to thank or praise me for my altruistic self.


Blogger Julie Brooks said...

Love it! The light and your post! Very clever you are ;)

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

clever enough to get it? not sure about that... thanks tho. :)

9:40 PM  

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