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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cleaning up...

I work on several pieces at once and sometimes they sort of take over each other. That has happened this time so these pieces have been listed together. Here's the link if you want a closer look.

We have started moving things in the new house. I have many pieces started and many pieces in my head that I plan on getting to work on. Therefore, I am listing some pieces that you have seen before here and on my website. This piece, for example, will is now listed on ebay among others:

And would you take a look at this? I am so happy that I blog! My Norwegian cyper pal Kathrin sent me a fantastic surprise a couple weeks back. Still haven't found my camera but did manage to dust off the old one and take a picture! These handknitted washcloths are fab, so soft, and a new washing up brush? Who doesn't need that! I am saving it for the new house!


Anonymous Amber Gibbs said...

Thank you for the congrats on my baby :) Good luck with your move!

3:28 AM  
Blogger Kathrin said...

Koselig at du likte det! =) Nydelige bilder du har lagt ut, men jeg finner ingenting på linken. Jeg har ikke satt meg inn i de e.bay greiene. Men bildene er kanskje solgt allerede? Jeg likte spesielt det som står 17 på og det med den dama med svart ornament rundt hodet. Hvor store er de? og hva er prisen?

7:54 AM  
Blogger Barbara said...

wow! what a cool blog! will visit again! Greetings from germany Barbara

6:56 PM  

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