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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

new house

Yep, we finally found a new/old house in our current area. We have been looking for something bigger for a very long time so we jumped on the chance to snap up this beauty. Ok, "beauty" is not quite the right word to use as you can see from the bathroom! Too bad I am not into retro. Anyway, things will be busy the rest of year as we prepare our house to sell and redo the new one. Thought I would share with you one of the two baths (the other one is just as lovely). I will post shots of the remodeling as it is finished in a few months. Uff da, I am tired just thinking about it!


Blogger Kathrin said...

gratulerer med nytt hus! Gleder meg til å se bilder etter hvert som dere pusser opp. =) Spennende med nytt sted å bo!

12:32 AM  
Blogger jblack designs said...

Wow! That's some room. But how exciting to move to a place that will enlarge and enliven your life. And remember--the remodeling will end (even if it doesn't seem like it). Good luck with the redo and sale!


1:24 PM  
Anonymous linda woods said...

Hey that toilet is a cool shape!

8:13 AM  
Blogger Corey Moortgat said...

Oh boy, we're just finishing remodeling our master bath- that's been fun... but at least at some point it's done and you can enjoy it! It will be a while for you, but it's something you can look forward to at least! Good luck with it all!!

10:52 PM  
Anonymous hanne said...

Tillykke med det nye hus!

Får man se et par billeder fra ydersiden eller fra andre rum - for jeg forstår, at det ikke just er købt p.gr.a. badeværelsets design...

7:49 AM  

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