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Monday, August 20, 2007

home repair

A couple posts back, I shared with you my fantastic week of relaxation and luxury. I did not share with you what had happened a week before that has resulted in stress, chaos and massive plumes of dust which will eventually end with two new floors and a ceiling. We finally arrived home last night after being away for a month. This is the view of my living room.

While we were in Denmark, Stavanger was hit with some major storms. This resulted in water leaking in through our third story bedroom which in turn leaked through the ceiling and down into the living room. This is the current state of my bedroom:

Would love to get into the studio to finish some projects and package up some art but right now my work space looks like this:

Things could always be worse, right?


Blogger Sofia Barao said...

sorry to hear that. Huge storms are awful, here where I live weather has been weird all summer, I guess I had 2 days of true sun and hot weather. It's nearly the end of august and the beginning of fall and I'm wearing the same outfits as in april....uhhmmm I hate this!!!

Hope everything will be fine with your house really soon.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Good grief! Talk about coming home to a surprise! So sorry this happened. I've been through a similar experience, and it's not fun, but the only thing you can do, logically, is just what you are doing: maintain your sense of humor. It will keep you sane. Hang in there, pardner.


9:28 PM  
Blogger Corey Moortgat said...

Yikes! We're going through a bathroom remodel, and I've been griping about the upheaval in the house that it's caused, but I guess I should be counting my blessings. Sorry you're having to deal with all that!

4:29 PM  
Blogger tiffini elektra x said...

Oh Erika - ugh! What a thing to come home from vacation too! That is just awful I am so sorry!

3:10 AM  

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