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Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

My favorite picture from Easter break. Here is Jonah (notice the trail of skis and poles behind him), after a fairly dramatic crash. He is fine, he was posing a bit so we could get a real effect. Yes, we got in a day of skiing and visited the hubby's relatives as well as fit in a nice dinner out without the kids.

Each time we visit Paul's childhood home, I am reminded of the simple life and how easy things were "back then". This white house was actually a schoolhouse where Paul attended grades 1-4. Now you are probably wondering how old my hubby actually is and I am sure you are guess 90, aren't you? Nope, 36 and counting! Oh, such innocence.

Noah planted some watercress and seems to proud of its success. Also, a picture of my boys on our fantabulous skiing day. happy spring!


Blogger alex said...

Very beautiful images. The schoolhouse is really wonderful I am drawn to the two small doors to the left of the one tall door. So many stories come to mind.

(been watching your work/blog for sometime and thought it was time to say hello. Not only because we seem to be the only two people in blogland who still have snow this late! The little birds are crying.)

7:08 PM  
Anonymous stacie said...

HEY... i have a great idea!!!! Come to WA.. and teach a class.... you can stay w/me... :)

Maybe you can make enough to pay for the trip??? :))))

6:33 AM  
Blogger nuje said...

Man, that pic of Jonah is great.

Man, Christian is so jealous. He's only seen a tiny bit of Texas snow ... once.

11:28 PM  
Blogger nuje said...


5:03 PM  

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