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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

new work

Great Oak
6" square (1.5" deep)
wrapped canvas

This Way
6" square (1.5" deep)
wrapped canvas

San Domingo

4" square (1.5" deep)

wrapped canvas

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Blogger jblack designs said...

Hey girl--I love the new direction you've been taking with your art. Very fab.


2:07 AM  
Blogger Corey Moortgat said...

Aw darn! I'm upset that "changes" is sold! I tried to leave you a comment yesterday to see if you were going to sell it, but blogger was being screwy and wouldn't let me comment. It was a beautiful piece- I would have loved to buy it! These are beautiful, too, by the way!

2:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes they are beautiful :)
Erika, I guess you are the one that left me a comment on the prints draw post, right ?
Send me your adress because you won the Fleur print :) Hope you'll like it :)

la fée coriandre - Sofia

9:34 AM  
Blogger JoAnnA said...

oh, love these Erika. Love the way you are doing the trees. very cool and unique. Keep up the great creating!

2:56 PM  

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