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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to my roots

15 cm square
collage on old bookcover

So happy to go back to paper collage. Many fellow collage artists have said that you will eventually get tired of "conventional" collage and go to making assemblages. This has not happened. Even though my time in the studio is very limited these days, I find that working with paper is what gives me the most satisfaction. I find that the smallest bit of scrap or color combination is all I need to get a piece started.

The piece above started after I deconstructed an unsuccessful canvas work. I like the mixture of paint and stitching together with the small ration tickets (these tickets were used in Norway during WWII. I purchased these from a man who remembered having to use them to buy everything from sugar to clothing. These particular ones were used for shoes).

This piece has been listed in my epla store. Outside of Norway? Contact me, and I will send you price info.

more to come...


Anonymous mary boyer said...

i love this.

1:29 AM  

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