availspace Available Space: May 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

rock n roll - finally!

That's right! We are ready to let our hair down and get crazy with the other Gen Xers. Hubby, being from rural Norway, has never been to a big headliner like this and is in for a real treat. Secretly, I am going to get a glimpse of Sting again, but am also looking forward to hearing some oldies live as well as see Elvis Costello for the first time. On top of all that, it is our 15 anniversary, so what could be better than spending the weekend in Portland? However - $350 for tickets? Isn't that a bit over the top? When did things get so expensive?

Back to making some little 4" pieces just to keep my creative juices flowing. Still am dividing them between etsy and ebay. Have a look if your in for some wee art or a gift for a friend!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Home Alone and back to my roots

This piece is available in my etsy shop.

Paul and the two older boys headed off yesterday for a 4 day boys trip. This of course means that Noah and I are home alone with no car but with nice weather. Sooooo, I plan on getting lots of exercise riding my bike to town, taking long walks around the lake with Noah, catching up with housework and getting some much needed lawn work finished.

This piece is available on ebay

In art news, I am still trying to list more often on ebay and etsy however it hasn't been easy with commissioned work and other promised pieces. I have just finished 14 pieces for a public building which will be displayed throughout the summer. I had a fantastic time working on these as I went back to paper collage. I had forgotten how I love using old, thin papers and stained ribbon. I have listed almost all of them on my website however though I would share a few with you here. They are approx. 12" x 16" matted and framed.

Only three weeks until we leave for the US. Whoo hoo!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

happy birthday Norway

Once again, the 17th of May is here and that means some serious celebrations here in Norway. Folks dress to the nines in their traditional dress or Sunday's best. The school aged children go in the city's parade and then back to their school for games and food. We had a long day with two parades, festivities and finally dinner at friends. 12 hours of celebrations! We're beat! I have some art pieces to share but that will have to wait as I think I would rather share some shots from the day. Gratulere med dagen, Norge!